Bright Spark Academy

Phase I completed and our first term is over. Come see. Come help!

Vocational Training of Boys & Men

Culture change requires skilled and trained boys and men to be good husbands to our girls and be empowered to provide for their families.
School program

Elementary School Support

We provide girls in elementary school with the necessary resources to succeed, including access to nutrition programs and early childhood education.

High School Scholarships

Support our butterfly girls who have their hearts set on becoming social workers, civil engineers, and even doctors.

Girls College Program

Higher education is essential! We have made a powerful difference in the lives of 100 girls by offering them access to college.
Little Babies Program

Little Babies Program

This program supports small babies from the age of 0 months to four years.
Fgm program

FGM Program

Over 475,000 Kenyan girls are at risk each year from FGM. Girls Hope is dedicated to stopping this horrific practice.

Young Mother’s Program

Many girls get pregnant between the ages of 11 to 14 years old as a result of sexual abuse and forced child marriage. Our program helps take care of them throughout their pregnancy.

Make a Difference,
Make a Donation

At Girls Hope Rescue Mission, we believe that everyone can play a part in creating a world free of gender-based violence. You can help us by donating to our mission, volunteering your time and skills, or advocating for programs that protect and empower girls across the globe.